SkyNet is Your Top Wireless Internet Provider

SkyNet is a high speed Internet provider that brings fixed wireless Internet to the Spokane and surrounding area. It is committed to bringing fast Internet service to even those areas that are underserved. With impressive bandwidth and minimal latency, SkyNet offers you an Internet service beyond compare.

SkyNet Has Major Advantages

  • Wireless service from SkyNet is secure and reliable.
  • Competitive prices make it an attractive option.
  • Latency is very low compared to other types of Internet service.
  • Its speed and responsiveness allows you to access any Internet usage available today, even streaming video, Skype, and real-time simulation games.
  • It uses the latest and best wireless equipment on the market.
  • Set-up is easy and fast because there are no wires or cables to worry about.

SkyNet Trumps the Competition

  • SkyNet Wireless outperforms dial-up Internet in speed, constant connection, accessibility, and overall ability to do more. With wireless service, you never have to choose between your phone or Internet service, and you never have to wait on connections and downloads that take hours.
  • SkyNet Wireless outperforms satellite Internet with responsiveness, speed, data limits, reliability, and price. It has faster upload and download speeds, no data caps, is resistant to weather interruptions, and is more affordable than satellite Internet.
  • SkyNet Wireless outperforms DSL in convenience and cost. Because your telephone line is not needed with SkyNet, you are never limited to where you can use your Internet service. You can take it anywhere in your home or business. Wireless Internet is usually more competitively priced for speeds similar to DSL.
  • SkyNet Wireless outperforms cable and fiber Internet because it is available in many areas that cable and fiber services don’t serve.

Choose SkyNet and get connected to fast, reliable Internet in no time. Call our customer care team to get started.

SkyNet's wireless implementation uses the latest technology, to ensure superior performance, unparalleled security, and exceptional reliability. Our coverage area is vast. Cost for residential and business services, is much more attractive than comparable services. We, at SkyNet, have researched and have tested over 20 manufacturers of wireless equipment. We have designed a strategy to blanket the Inland Northwest with ultra broadband wireless service. Internet is not our only service. Within 6 months we will offer telephone services as well, all over our wireless network.