Wireless Internet for Your Home

Residential services may very depending on location and equipment. Residential clients recieve an 11mbs connection to the internet. Static IPs are available for $1.00* each per month. Yes thats right, $1.00!

Standard Residential: $69.95

If it is your goal to work from home as a part of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or if you access you're office networks resources from a terminal services client. Or maybe you just transfer really large files. Then with the more the accommodating bandwidth and transfer limit, we would suggest the 11mbs connection straight into your home.

But if you are just an average user or online gamer, then we would like to see you using the mind blowing 11mbs connection. With almost zero latency from this internet connection, you will be able to destroy the enemy before they terminate you on every online game. Or maybe you would like to host your own gaming server, chat server or web server. We would be more then happy to help you get started. Then if you start receiving plenty of hits, we can also assist you in upgrading your service to be able to accommodate more connections.

Contact us for an onsite estimate. * Due the way IP works, three IP addresses are used by the system, to have a routed subnet. Want to learn more? Contact us we would be happy to explain.

  • 5 Email boxes with 10mb message limit and 100mb box limit
  • 250mb Web Storage
  • 24/7 Tech Support (There is a setup fee which is dependant on the level of service and location)
  • Contact us for an onsite estimate.
  • Check out our coverage map.
  • Take a look at our competitive comparison page to see what you can get with SkyNet.