About SkyNet

SkyNet of Spokane is the product of all the other overpriced and limited availability services. We saw a need for cost effective and high performance last mile internet service (the connection between you and your isp). With the new specification and products for wireless services we found the solution. We use secure DSSS (direct sequence spread spectrum) 11Mbps 802.11b WiFi compliant wireless microwave equipment. This offers incredible performance and low cost of ownership. Early on we performed an extensive propagation analysis on Spokane and vicinity and found that this is a prime location. Along with market research and a sound business plan this was presented to local investors. We have had a good response to our efforts to gain the capitol needed for such an endeavor.

With a mind for confidential medical and other business date, we have designed a secure, scaleable, high performance network. We have installed, tested, and certified all Microwave Subscriber Nodes in our network.

Industry standard is well exceeded in our design and implementation. SkyNet has years of experience with both corporate level network and RF engineering. In short, we can get the job done right!