Get High Speed Internet for Low Costs!

Now You can get serious broadband internet right to your home or business even if you are out of the range of DSL. With burst speeds up to 11mb/s and extremely low latency, your internet will come alive. Whether you surf the web, play online games, download large files, or want to run a webserver, with broadband wireless from SkyNet, we have you covered. With residential packages starting at $75/month you will pay about the same as DSL (see breakdown). You don't need a second phone line. Never a busy signal. Our equipment is impervious to weather and most interference.

Internet latency graph Internet speed graph

WAKE UP! Everything just changed!

SkyNet is here, with-

HIGH SPEED-make that VERY high speed-Internet connection, regardless of where you live. SkyNet is wireless. Your connection does not depend on your phone line or the slow and expensive installation of fiber or cable. High speed is made up of low latency and high bandwidth. This is not your standard satellite connection into space. This is a point to point connection to a hill or mountain close to you.

LOW LATENCY: That's EXTREMELY LOW latency! Virtually NO LAG! The blink of an eye is all that stands between you and the Internet-typically 10 milliseconds, or .01 of a second. Wireless connection through a satellite takes 3 full seconds or more, one way. How Fast? more...

GREAT BANDWIDTH: SkyNet offers the BEST bandwidth available. Period. If your business transmits data, if you use the Internet for research or for communication, you won't believe your eyes. If you're a gamer, you'll weep for joy! You've never seen bandwidth like this! How Fast? more...

SECURITY: You can rely on SkyNet to provide service 24/7. That means your business can safely rely on data transmission any time, any day. Your Internet connection is safe, and so is your data. The nature of SkyNet's technology makes the activities of hackers easier to detect. Additional encryption is readily added for clients with sensitive data.

COST: For the residential user, SkyNet offers superior service at rates that beat DSL (see DSL Comparison). For the commercial user, SkyNet means you can save the cost of fiber connection or full or fractional T1 installation-all while enjoying the best in high bandwidth and spectacular speed!

SkyNet's owners and technicians have been providing all types of hardware and software support and installation for 5 years, primarily in the greater Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area. Still not convinced? Want more information? Learn more here ... What makes wireless better? ... What makes SkyNet better?